I am a 26 year old female with big dreams of travelling the world. In the past I’ve been halted by lack of money, relationships, career chasing and a hamster…they can live for 3 years! However I am now in a position where I’ve made it a priority, this is something I need to do and to set me on the right track I’ve started with the basics.

1) Open a savings account and save beyond what’s almost humanly possible each month.

2) Tell my friends. If I wimp out I’ll never hear the end of it.

3) Start a blog to learn all there is to know about what I need to know.

Is there anything else I need to be doing in these early stages?

In 2 years from now I want to be wearing hippy bracelets, practising Buddhism and sporting some dodgy tattoo I had done in Bangkok whilst half-cut on 30 pence cocktails.

From May 2014 my rough plan is to spend a year travelling from Asia to Australia… But more on that later.

As it’s such a long way off I need something to keep me occupied. So I figured why not share my extensive Londoner knowledge with the rest of you. During my time here I have discovered many a quirky place to kill time and enjoyed nothing more than showing people around a London they never knew existed.

There’s so much more to London than Prince Harry showing off his crown jewels, the Big Ben and phone boxes painted red. SO MUCH MORE and I will show you.

(Lego Charles, Kate and William can be found top floor of Hamleys toy store, Regent Street)


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