Living a life more temporary

Since I’ve decided to travel everything seems to have lost its sense of permanence. The next year or so has become one big count down to when I am able to leave.

I know it’s potentially the last year in my current flat so I’ve given up on ideas of decorating or buying new furniture. Hopefully my other flat mates will stay put whilst I’m away, it takes a long time to find the perfect flat in London and we definitely found ours.

I try not to think beyond a year’s time in my career. The only reason I’m not leaving sooner is due to my work, but it gives me a great opportunity to save. I wonder how painful it must be returning to work after travelling…This doesn’t bear thinking about!

I seem to spend every minute day dreaming about flying to Tokyo or Bangkok. Sometimes I think about it so much I can’t seem to focus on anything else. Even crossing the road is becoming dangerous!

Meeting someone has become risky, it’s the only thing that can make me stay so I have 10 foot iron walls up to make sure that won’t happen. Nobody can break them!

Life can change so drastically in a year but I can’t imagine anything happening that will change my plans. I am 100% dedicated to this.

happy sunset


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