The Tate Modern, love or hate?

The Tate Modern

Where: South-East London – ‘The Tate Modern’, Bankside, SE1 9TG
Nearest Station: Although it’s not the closest I recommend St Paul’s (Zone 1, Central line), from here you will pass the Cathedral and cross the Millennium bridge, more scenic than walking from Southwark (Zone 1, Jubilee line).

A couple of days ago my photographer friend says to me –
“I need somebody to go to exhibitions with”.
Even though I don’t have a creative bone in my body and little understanding for art I jumped at this opportunity. I deeply admire anybody clever enough to create art, whether anybody understands it or not.

My first trip as newly appointed ‘exhibition buddy’ was to a photography exhibition at The Tate Modern.

tate modern(The Tate Modern from Millennium Bridge)

It had been a while since I had been there; for those of you that have never been, it houses various collections of modern art. (Not to be confused with the Tate Britain which displays traditional art). The last time I was there I had stood staring at a stuffed crow with an arrow through it not sure whether to laugh or cry. But I guess that’s the purpose of  modern art, to evoke some sort of reaction no matter what it might be.
Most of my friends hate the Tate Modern, they can’t find any meaning in a broken light bulb or a bed with dirty sheets, but I find myself mildly entertained by it. Maybe not in the way I should be but…well it’s different!

We went to see the William Klein & Daido Moriyama exhibition. Photography was once a favourite pastime of mine so this was one I could actually appreciate. But probably not something I would willingly shell out £14 for again unless I was a real fan of their work.

photography ad

If you have a real appreciation for modern art then The Tate Modern is the place for you. If like myself you can keep an open mind and have a laugh then again it’s worth a visit.

I missed the Damien Hurst exhibition but I would have most definitely paid to see his work which featured a room filled with live butterflies.

The building it’s self fascinates me, I love the history of London and the Tate was once used a power station back in the industrial era. It’s made up of thousands of bricks, almost built like a long-standing piece of art. On the top floor there is a restaurant for those with heavy pockets which offers an awesome view of the river and city.

The photography exhibition is only on until Jan 20th 2013 but keep an eye on The Tate Modern website for upcoming exhibitions, free and paid.

‘One New Change’ Mall

Where: The City – ‘One New Change’, EC4M 9AF
Nearest Station: St.Pauls (Zone 1, Central line)

After the Tate we needed to kill some time so I dragged my friend back over Millennium bridge to ‘One New Change’ mall by St Paul’s cathedral. My friend’s had once told me there are great views from a terrace on the roof top which the public have access to. ‘One New Change’ is a great retail alternative to Westfield or Oxford Street as it mainly attracts city workers rather than the shopping masses.

The elevator took us to the roof top terrace where we discovered ‘Madison’s’ bar & restaurant. I will definitely be returning for drinks here when the weather improves so expect an entry. The cold hadn’t stopped the other drinkers who were sat wrapped up in coats out on the terrace clutching glasses of wine.  The terrace area is still a great place to come and admire the view of St.Pauls Cathedral and the city.

cheapside1(One New Change roof terrace)


(View of St Paul’s Cathedral)

We ended the evening with 2 for 1 ‘Happy Hour’ cocktails at Las Iguanas in Spitafields Market — Despite my New years resolution to have a dry month, oops!

Enjoy Happy hour here 12.00-19.30 daily & all day Sunday to Wednesday.

las iguanas


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