Where to enjoy the snow in London

It would be rude not to post about the snow as it seems to be as rare in London as sunshine.

Snow can be enjoyed anywhere. In central it lasts a day until it’s destroyed by Londoners and tourists alike launching snow balls and building snowmen. Just outside of central it will last a little longer. Some great places to enjoy the snow are-

Greenwich Park (Greenwich or Cutty Sark DLR, Zone 2): Full of hills it’s like a giant sledge park. Hour’s of suicidal fun can be had here with some seriously hardcore hills.

Blackheath (Blackheath rail station, Zone 3): The heath can also be reached through Greenwich park. It’s an open flat green and home to some of the largest snowmen I’ve seen in my life time.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to make it into central to take a redicilous amount of photos, but luckily for me I have Brazilian friends who LOVE the snow and filled my Facebook news feed with some great snaps. So with her permission I am bringing you snow covered London in photos, courtesy of Natasha.

soho square 3(Soho Square)

soho square

soho square 2


london car

mopeds snow

trafalgar square 3

(Trafalgar Square)

trafalgar square snow

barclays bikes snow

tower bridge

(Tower Bridge)

big red bus

roof tops

iphone weather

me with snowman

(I did get the chance to attempt to build a snowman on my terrace..)

the lost londoner


2 thoughts on “Where to enjoy the snow in London

    • Really?? That’s amazing. I hope I get a chance to pop down there when we get more snowfall. Do you recommend any coffee shops close to the Heath? Ill need a hot chocolate when I’m done.

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