My decision to self-host The Lost Londoner

When I first decided to start this blog I had no idea about half the work that needs to go into it! I thought I would write about what I love and add some photos and that’s it. But no! It appears there’s so much more I can do with my blog, but only if I choose to self-host. According to 90% of the tips I read it’s silly not to host your own site if you are serious about it.

For the past two weeks I have been doing some hardcore research on various blog topics from self hosting to plugins to SEO & RSS. These things meant nothing to me a few weeks ago and until I get cracking its still all a bit vague.

I currently run a free blog through but I’ve hit a wall trying to download plugins. Unless you self host your blog you can’t use them. There are limitations on how much I can customise my blog or play with the coding.
Reading through several articles it seems that if you are serious about blogging then self hosting is the way forward. It allows much more flexibility and the ability to push it out to a wider audience rather than being limited to the WordPress search engine.
The beginning is the best time to do it whilst my blog is small and it gives me time to get to grips with it all and make sure I have the best security for my site.
I have decided to go with DreamHost who are recommended by WordPress and have a handy one-click install. Also recommended by UK users despite being a US based company.
I’ve now transitioned from PC to Macbook, FUTURE PROOF!
What do you guys think?? Any words of wisdom would be welcome.

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