About This Lost Londoner

In Short: 26 Year old, female, planning a solo 1 year trip to Asia & Australia with an overwhelming passion for London.

People call me Capelli and I’m a 26 year old chick living in what I consider to be the greatest city on earth. It’s always been my dream to travel, however living in London sometimes feel’s like being on a never ending city break and this has made it impossible for me to even think of leaving.

But somehow I’m now 26, I’m not sure when this happened but I NEED to travel whilst I’m still young and crazy…I’ve begun to take interests in hobbies such as gardening and walking long distances.. I’m pretty sure these are the mental signs of ageing.

Despite my civil interests I am planning an adventure filled, fearless, (I am so scared) solo, (yes I must be crazy), one year (if funds allow) trip from Asia to Australia.

I embark on my trip May 2014 giving me plenty of time to panic and save.

Until then I will be getting lost in London and blogging my findings of the quirkiest and best thingy-ma-jigs London has to offer.




3 thoughts on “About This Lost Londoner

  1. Love your attitude! It’s the only thing we really control, along with our relationship with God/Universe . . . No one can interfere or take away these two things from us. In short, the things we normally try to control – people, places and things are impossible to control, yet that’s what most people concentrate on controlling. Go figure.

    I am going to those places on an upcoming RTW in a little over a week. NO, YOU ARE NOT CRAZY FOR GOING ALONE . . . This is what I wrote about going solo:


    Feel free to comment and most important: GO ON YOUR TRIP AND DAMN THE EXPENSE, NAYSAYERS, OR ANYTHING ELSE WHO GETS IN YOUR WAY (i.e., people, places, and things). “Just do it” as the saying goes . . . Peace, Steve 🙂

    Peace . . . Steve

  2. Awesome blog 🙂 we write about similar things – am doing a blog on stuff in London too! Moved here from Newcastle, still sometimes feels like an alien planet haha. Good luck on working towards your trip…sounds amazing…will you be blogging then too ythink?

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